Friday, September 19, 2014

Powerful Futures for Companies: "Being proactive to be fit in the future!"

Companies are mostly dealing with "profit". When we break the word into two we come up with two interesting words: "pro" and "fit". And we come up with an early summary, which is: to remain "fit" you have to be "pro"active!


Every department, whether written or not, has its own workflows. And every workflow has its own routines in it. Any routine is simply the “sine-qua-non” of a job to be done. And every job is a result of a "decision".

As we see one of the critical words here is “decision”. Organizations have to make the right decisions and change them at the right time to catch the world if they have motivation to be or to stay powerful in the future.

What it means to have a “powerful future”?

The world is changing every single day and tomorrow will always be different than today. To be different than today any company/organization has to do something. Otherwise, today will definitely turn tomorrow while companies, most probably, become obsolete. To follow the fashion, here the "changing business", companies have to read the future. A positive change is solely possible if they read the business right today and make good estimations for tomorrow. This is the only way to change the stream or be a strong part of it. The business stream is so though that if you do not take action, the actions happening around will take you!

Companies are mostly dealing with "profit". When we break the word into two we come up with two interesting words: "pro" and "fit". And we come up with an early summary, which is: to remain "fit" you have to be "pro"active! In other words, to remain fit in the market companies have to focus on what they do and how they do! Focusing on what and how issues requires being proactive in the business stream by taking the necessary actions.

But what kind of actions?

Here we are close to another concept: “the right action”. This is very critical because if a company/organization takes the wrong action then the probability of their being powerful at future is much less than taking no action and waiting how the business stream will affect them. This is why companies have to take the right action at the right time to affect the stream instead of being affected! And the way to have the right action is simply to know more than what they do and how you do. They need to stick to the reason makes them alive in the business which means they should keep in mind “WHY” they are at the business life. If an organization knows “WHY” it does "WHAT" it does then it can easily formulate its operations in a "how" manner. And the "HOW" part of a job is the easiest of all.

Companies should know that if a job can be done differently in a more effective way, then they need to change the operation. Operational works are simply the result of a decision. If companies have "operational imperfection" they should focus on the operation, if the operation itself is wrong they should focus on the "decision"! As long as the decisions companies make are in line with “WHY” they are at the business life, the business path is right! In all other scenarios, a powerful future or even a future for that company is questionable!

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